Calling All G. Samaritans!
Your Community Needs Your Help!

Sign up before May 2, 2023, via our entry form or send a text to 724-712-4160. We will need your name, email address, and the community you are serving.

Who is a G. Samaritan? Any person or group willing to be intentionally kind to a neighbor!

After you sign up, begin your acts of kindness on May 3rd.

Then, stop by to pick up a Communities Care Challenge Bag. (limited supply, first 250 G. Samaritans) Pick up date and place to be announced!

Each Act of Kindness that is shared with Fishing For Memories, Inc. by text or the Communities Care Challenge Check In Form will be printed on a paper fish and placed in a minnow bucket for a drawing for Memory Bags.

Drawing will be held on Thanksgiving Day 2023. Recipients of Memory Bags will be notified by email (limit of 4 entries in drawing per person).

Weekly updates will appear on our Facebook page ( about anonymous G. Samaritan activities.

No Act of Kindness is too big or small to make a real difference in someone’s life!


Wondering how your Acts of Kindness will measure up?

Remember - No Act of Kindness is too big or too small!

Here are some ideas from our G. Samaritans for the Challenge:
• Push any abandoned shopping carts back to the cart corral.

• Offer compliments to strangers, friends, and family for a week.

• Babysit for free.

• Invite someone to play on the playground.

• Spend time playing a board game with your grandparents or a seasoned neighbor.

• Bring flowers for your teacher.

• Let the person behind you in the checkout line go ahead of you.

• Bring diapers over for a family with a newborn or new foster toddler.

• Buy your server a dessert.

• Volunteer in the community. What were you passionate about as a youth?

• Offer to bring birdseed and feed the birds for your neighbor.

• Give a gift card to a police officer or pastor for your favorite restaurant.

• Stop and look around. Write a thank you note for someone who may need it.

• Listen and affirm an adoptive child when they want to share their family’s story.

Some G. Samaritans have asked if they could do an Act of Kindness for Fishing For Memories, Inc.

Here are some ideas:
• Collect used ink cartridges, which we recycle at Staples to help with purchasing office supplies.

• Give a donation for supplies like worms, bobbers, fishing line, meals and snacks for our outdoor programs.

• Have people sponsor your Acts of Kindness or spend a day recycling items from around your home and neighborhood. Take these recyclable items to the scrap yard for cash and send the funds to Fishing For Memories, Inc. to purchase tackle boxes and tackle for our My Fishing Hole program.

• Tell your friends and family about Fishing For Memories, Inc.’s Communities Care Challenge 2023.