Fishing For Memories Brings Families Together

We provide outdoor experiences designed to strengthen the bonds between family members, restoring a rhythm of life that can be readily found in a body of water from which one can reel in a sense of joy.


How we help you

Fishing For Memories’ (FFM) programs (begun in ’04) are designed to provide fun opportunities for children and youth, ages 5 to 17, to learn about fish identification and the responsible use and conservation of the environment. Also, FFM’s programs help them learn fishing skills and participate in cooperation-building activities. FFM continually strives to provide Western Pennsylvanian children/youth and their families an encouraging atmosphere to strengthen them one memory at a time.

Moments Build Memories

Fishing For Memories, Inc. has a strategy that can work for many families. Over the years we have received donations from caring community members who had heard about Fishing For Memories, Inc. by word of mouth.

Please help us continue to encourage the families in our communities through our fishing programs and outdoor bonding activities.


If interested in volunteering, please reach out and email us here at Fishing For Memories, Inc. to see what we have available. We do work with children so please fill out these forms before emailing.

Our History

Fishing For Memories, Inc. was founded on July 3, 2003, by Christopher and Jennie Ebner. FFM, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, serves the communities of Butler, Allegheny, and surrounding counties in Western Pennsylvania.

As of December 31, 2022, Fishing For Memories, Inc. has served 1,012 children/youth, 359 adults, from 391 families, totaling 1,371 people from Butler and surrounding counties.

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